The Banda Chat app

More time with friends,
less time on apps

Banda lets you chat with your group while planning events with them. It was built to help make real-life encounters happen more often with your friends!

Banda works great for sports teams, groups of friends, people on trips, families, fraternities, sororities, and basically any other group of people that know each other and meet in real life.


  • Finally there’s a chat app for ultimate teams

  • At long last, an intuitive app for legitimate group organization and the careless hassling of teammates!

  • Banda is GroupMe on steroids

    — Max Sheppard, Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (USA)
  • I like the app for its clean display and large text that conveys the important stuff

    — Rory Carroll-Maher, Rotorua Ultimate (New Zealand)



Banda enables you to chat with your group. It comes with channels for the entire group, all your events and allows for conversations with cherry-picked people. More chatter; less noise.


Banda helps you plan in-person events with your group. It shows you what's happening and when and helps you figure out who's going. More quality time; less coordination hassle.


Banda shows you where everyone is for events. It eliminates the need for back-and-forth messaging about where people are and when they arrive. More fun; less waiting.


Who we are and why we are doing this

Cenzo and Christian met working on another startup, TopScore, which builds software for sports leagues. They noticed there was also a problem with how teams communicate. Too many spreadsheets, emails, and a mess of group chat apps.

So they created Banda to help solve the problems of organizing sports teams, clubs, organizations, and social groups, with the goal of making real life encounters happen more often through a socially responsible app.

Read on if you want to learn more about our motivation and why it might be worth giving Banda a try.




Questions & Answers


What do I need to connect?

You need an iPhone or Android phone to be able to use Banda. Download the app, create your account by providing your phone number and enter the confirmation code that you will receive via sms.


What happens when I post an event?

A couple of things come with new events:

  • Everybody on your group will receive a notification about your event
  • Until a group member hasn't responded with no:
    • notifications about new activity on the event's thread will be sent
    • location will be shared with others on the event map during the event
  • Everbody on your group can modify any information of the event
What happens when I modify an event?

Changing the time or location of an event triggers a notification for all group members. Note that this will not change the group members' RSVP. Also, everybody on your group can modify the events.


How much does Banda cost?

You can use Banda for FREE. There is no associated cost to download and use the app, nor is a credit card required. We are running the service at very low cost and are currently figuring out a way to sustainably and respectfully cover the latter.


Why did I get an invitation to join?

Either a friend or teammate manually invited you to his or her new group, or they connected your team through Ultimate Central with Banda. We are proud to partner with Ultimate Central, allowing you to automatically create a new Banda group and invite your team to it. This triggers email and sms invitations to your teammates on the roster and syncs your team's schedule with your Banda group, allowing for notifications about new games and schedule changes.


How do event threads work?

Every event comes with its own thread to reduce noise for those who RSVPed no. The latter will still be able to follow the thread but won't receive notifications about new activity. The event thread is either accessible through the event details page, or, once there's activity, through your list of threads.

No answer to your question?

Please get in touch, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


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